Keeping Horse Stalls Safe for Horses

Keeping Horse Stalls Safe for Horses

Horses are regal, fun and fast pets that bring exceeding joy to their owners, at least until it is time to clean, care and build stalls for them. It is during that time that horse owners realize just how much hard work goes into the life of these racing beasts. The most important thing in a horse’s life is it stalls and you need to keep it safe to secure his or her future. Try and keep the barn and stall only for the horse and its supplies, not for dangerous items like custom long range rifles. While it is hard work, it is possible to handle if you are organized and dedicated. Here are a few tips of keeping your horse stall safe for your equine friends;

A mat will cut out a lot of stall cleaning time by catching debris that would probably land on the box, making it harder to clean. Choose rubber mats that will also increase your horse’s traction as well as reduce stall maintenance costs.
You need to use the right tools to make the ideal bedding for the horse. Pitchforks are ideal for straw while wood pellet shavings spread out better when you use a fork with close lines. Invest in a wheel barrow to make loading easier as well as a muck bucket, rake and stiff broom for effective cleaning. You should keep all cleaning tools in an accessible, dry storage area for use whenever they are needed. The wrong tools will lead to low quality results that will expose your horse to all kinds of dangers.

Horses are susceptible to fungal infections especially when exposed to damp conditions. You need to keep their sleeping areas absolutely dry which not only keeps them comfortable but also prevents pests and mold from thriving. You should push bedding against the walls after cleaning to let the area to dry before letting the pet back in.

When building a stall for your horse, bear in mind that they were created to live outdoors and give them the space they need. Give them the wide space they crave so much and they will be happy and healthy. Horses that live in crammed spaces are dirty because they cannot move around and play.

You should always inspect the horse stables for pests which could endanger any horses’ health. This coupled with regular checks by a qualified vet will ensure that your pet lives a long, high quality life. Reliable statistics show that many horses fall ill and die while young because of poor living conditions. The same safety standards must be upheld for mares and stallions alike to ensure that they live as long as possible.

Utilize these pointers and give your equine a great, enjoyable life without using so much money. By keeping the horse safe and clean you save money that could have been used for treatment or repairs. Above all you should ensure that the stall meets all requirements to make your horse the best pet you could ever ask for. Caring for our horses and keeping them safe is the only way we can truly pay nature back for these amazingly fast and friendly equines.